JDC Homes destroyed our dreams

Newberg, Oregon 9 comments

Jubil, Doug, and Curt of Newberg, Oregons JDC Homes have failed to build our home on time despite promises and contracts.They are three months overdue and haven't said a word.

They don't return phone calls and make no effort to do the right thing. I have lost tens of thousands because of their disregard for integrity. We missed our opportunity to lock interest rates, had to move out of a rental and into another, plus pay storage. We put it all on the line trusting these guys, but they don't care.

I have tried to explain our concerns, but they don't return calls. This has been the worst home building experience ever and a nightmare.

The rates now prevent us from other options.We could have bought or built another home and saved significant amounts of money.

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Worst home builders ever!We have been waiting 2 1/2 YEARS for them to do our new home repairs.

Nobody will return our phone calls and when they do they make promises but are just lies.

I would never recommend jdc to anyone after our experience.They do poor quality work and won't back it up.

Canton, Michigan, United States #995203

Omg, I was considering looking into one of their homes. After reading a lot of negativity online, I will probably stay away.


They don't respond to calls, emails or their warranty...2 years later no action on warranty.

Portland, Oregon, United States #808851

I love my JDC Home!Jubal and Don, their realtor, were great to work with.

I recommended both to my friends and they had the same experience as me.

Salem, Oregon, United States #799184

My house is less than 8 years old and was built by Jdc homes in Salem and has numerous problems from mold behind siding and dry rot around windows to leaking seals on windows. They use the cheapeast contractors and bids which breeds shotty work. I would stay away from them building your house or buying one of there homes!

to Anonymous #1199882

We are having the same problem with the siding and rot around the windows.We were told by the builder that we did not maintain the home.

Really??? Were you successful in restitution? There are several other houses in our neighborhood with the same problem.

We are considering a class action suit.Did you file complaints with the CCB?

to Anonymous Salem, Oregon, United States #1321616

Same problem, mold in bathrooms as fans installed cheapest around.all seals around windows bad in a few years.

No flashing on windows or wrap on house. roof gone bad (inspections said low quality cheap inferior product). molding/trim rot due to poor planning and placed to low to ground. oh the list is endless.

my friend has same builder and same issues.DO NOT BUY THESE *** homes.


My experience with JDC has been nothing but great. Curt always calls back asap. I am sorry you are having issues, but I am sure there is a mis-understanding.

Marina Del Rey, California, United States #713991

I heard the same thing. Stay away from these guys.

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